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10 reasons to get your Cash Loan from us

At one time or another everyone has felt the pinch of this economic climate we live in, an unexpected bill dropping through the door can cause a financial juggling act with even the most frugal among us. This is where a cash loan can help, allowing you to borrow anything up to £1,000 and have it in your account in just 15 minutes.

Client Testimonial

I need my car for work and when it broke down i didn't have the money to repair it. Thanks so much for coming to my rescue!

Louise Durnhold

Did you know that 96% of our customers would recommend us to family and friends - Customer Survey 2013

Cash into your account instantly with a cash loan

Instant Cash Loans

Cash loans work in much the same way as payday loans or other short term loans, giving you the option to select on which date you wish to repay and you can even repay early to save yourself money. The only requirements on applicants are that you are 18 years of age or older, reside in the UK and have an income of some description.

To apply just fill out our quick application form, which will only take a couple of minutes and you could have the cash sitting in your bank account in just 15 minutes of being approved.

Short Term Loans

Unlike the classic borrowing options of unsecured and secured loans, cash loans are a short-term lending solution aimed at those with immediate financial difficulties. The idea was born in the United States, where it has been shown that more than 10 million people have used them to borrow billions of dollars, cash loans have proved very popular on this side of the pond as well, with more and more people each year utilising them.

When applying you can be sure the process will be completely hassle free, unlike others there will be no faxing required as the system is completely automated, simply enter your details, the amount you require and the length of the loan and you will be presented with an instant decision.

Quick Cash Loans

Generally applications for a cash loan are from people who need the money in a hurry, to pay for a car repair, a particularly large bill or who have just fallen short before payday and need a little extra to tide them over. Borrowing from friends or family isn't always an option so a payday loan is an ideal solution.

We understand that with this type of loan time is of the essence which is why we have gone to great pains to ensure that once an application has been approved the money will be available as quickly as possible. Unless otherwise selected this will be directly into a nominated bank account, which will be cleared and able to draw upon immediately.